Planet Earth Is Awesome

And I mean that literally. It inspires awe. Have you had the chance to see any episodes of Planet Earth yet? Amazing. I really want to start watching those again.

The Earth is a beautiful place. I never realized how out of touch I was with the rest of life on this planet until this film brought it home to me. The sheer scale of this world, and what it means for all these millions and billions of species of plants and animals to exist. They're not just pictures in a book. Each one of them must do, and be, in a different way, every day.

There is life being lived beyond the human world and even if all humanity faces extinction, I am content that life continues to live, fragile but vigorous.

I should make a game about that. ;)


Aaron Miller said...

I still haven't watched that or the Blue Planet series. I need to.

I used to watch nature shows all the time growing up, but they've become increasingly political and sensationalized.

When my parents were thinking about getting rid of their Jacques Cousteau books, I told them "Hell no! Give 'em to me." It's crazy to think that underwater photography began less than fifty years ago.

axcho said...

It took me a long time to get around to watching Planet Earth after it was first recommended to me. But I'm really glad I got around to it!

I actually haven't watched much in the way of nature shows other than this, so I wouldn't know.

It is interesting to think about how recent photography is, especially underwater photography. And especially interesting how pretty much everyone's knowledge of the natural world comes through photographs and video recordings rather than direct experience.

Not that I'm complaining! Certainly much better than things in the midst of the industrial revolution, say, where the only non-humans you'd see were rats or whatever. :p I wonder if games can do something similar in broadening people's perspectives as the early nature photographs such as those by William Henry Jackson in the late 19th century.

Aaron Miller said...

Direct experience definitely offers a nice balance to book/TV experience, even if it's just standing in front of something. I'm a big fan of zoos, parks, and museums (though I haven't been to one in years).