NEON Ramblings

No, I'm not rambling, Braids NEON is. Rambling across the web.

I was just checking my MochiBot dashboard to see how many views my Flash games have been getting lately, and I was surprised to see thirteen sites now hosting the game! But I've only submitted it to three... How did that happen?

Apparently, whenever you submit a half-decent game to Newgrounds, it immediately gets picked up (stolen) by a bunch of smaller game sites. That's not necessarily a bad thing - you just want to be prepared to take advantage of that sudden surge of attention. I have my name in the game, but not much else. Not that I'm looking for much else at this point.

I'd never even heard of any of these sites, but they've all managed to find my game.
The remaining hosts were those sites that let you get past content filters.

It's interesting to see the new descriptions and icons people have created for Braids NEON. Andkon Arcade, by far the most popular host for the game with over thirteen thousand views in four days, has come up with its own instructions, much more concise than mine:

"Click and hold the mouse to start. Then, use the mouse to smash into your opponent."

I thought it was kind of funny. Certainly it leaves out a lot of information, like the existence of keyboard controls, but it does get the point across. And I suppose that most people do end up playing it as a "smash into your opponent" sort of game anyway, though that's not how I would describe it.

Then there's another description on a few other sites:

"The game 'Braids Neon' is a stylish kind of rag doll fighting game. You can use your keyboard, your mouse or both together to let the pupas fight it out!"

I don't know what the word "pupas" means in this context. :p But I'm not complaining. Stylish is good.

The best place to play the game is still on Kongregate, probably, since it has high scores and there's the chance I could get some money if enough people play it there. And the version on deviantART is where I'm likely to experiment with new updates, in case you're interested in that.

It looks like more sites have found Braids NEON since the last time I checked. Like this one.


NEON Renovations

I've been doing a lot of work lately on my game Braids NEON. Not just changing the game itself, but submitting it to new places, making screen shots, changing icons, stuff like that. It's been several days of intensive NEON for me, but now I'm done and I can get to new games and new posts.

So, I've made the interface much more user-friendly - the mouse cursor is now visible on every screen, you can actually click on a button to go back to the game from the menu, and it detects perfectly whether the cursor is inside the game window or not. The tutorial instructions have also been updated. These are all improvements that were long overdue, really, and well, now they're here. I'd actually consider Braids NEON to be a solid game now.

Solid enough, in fact, that I decided to submit it to Newgrounds, after some consultation with my potential audience. It's there, with a solid score of 3.44 / 5.00 after almost 300 votes. Better than on Kongregate.

And the Kongregate version is now integrated with the Kongregate High Scores API, which is not only more fun, but now I can track how many registered users are playing it there. Or more likely, how few, since it's been several days since anyone has showed up with a new score. Oh well.

I've also made a bunch of screen shots of Braids NEON and put them in my deviantART scraps. Take a look, they're pretty nice. There are a few other new things in my scraps, like my first digital animation, which you might appreciate if you're into Aikido.

And I've recently ventured onto YouTube. My account should be populated with a video or two fairly soon.

Reaction to The Present Confusion

I'd like to comment on a recent post on one of the blogs I watch. I will do it here since the author has disallowed comments on that post. Here is my comment: