Origami Zergling and Hydralisk Tutorial Videos Complete

Earlier this year, I released three videos of me folding my origami hydralisk, hoping that this would help the people who got stuck trying to follow my step-by-step diagrams.

Sadly, it did not. Many people replied, asking for more clarification on the infamous Step 11.

YouTube is a great place to practice NVC...

So, being the generous and understanding origami teaching person that I am, I decided to try again, with a much slower video where I narrate each step of the way in detail, as if guiding a complete beginner.

And it seemed to work. Yay.

I love how you go so slow, other just go through things so fast.

Thnx for posting this, I menaged to fold one while watching! Good tempo and very instructive!!

Most of the time people go too fast and you miss a step, but there is NO possible way you can miss a step in this. Awesome! You must be a genius o.O

thank you u are one of da best origami narrator :D

And, the classic...

god thank u after 2 years i did step 11

Yeah, after seven years I finally have created some instructions that other people can follow. :p

It's very slow, so it's a long video. Slow but good. :) In eight parts on YouTube. Here's the first:

And the rest:

Also, I made a similarly slow, narrated tutorial video for my origami zergling as well. In ten parts. Here's the first:

And the rest:

And again, the acclaim:

Thanks that was the best series of explanation videos ever.

this is a very noob friendly vid. nice. you don't see origami videos this well made that often.

sir, you have my respect and the [SF] Official Seal of Approval

The best part is knowing that I have improved people's lives in real, tangible ways. I give people the power to fold origami aliens. Now that's what I call real value. :)

After 2 and a half hours of testing my persistence and determination I have completed this project. Thank you axcho, because of you, I am now the epitome of cool, the envy among my peers and I have a freakin' paper zergling.

Thank you, axcho, for these fantastic videos! I've finished my (hot pink) zergling! It can join the esteemed company of my origami hydralisks (also thanks to you)!

Thanks for the videos! I just finished my zergling, and I knew almost nothing about origami before. :D

Seriously, that's amazing. Several people who have never done origami before have commented saying that they were able to follow these instructions and make an origami zergling as their first model.

Okay, now you can start bugging me about an origami ultralisk. Maybe I'll actually make one in a few more years. ;)