The Path

The Path is out.

I've bought it. I haven't played it yet. I haven't even watched the trailer. I haven't read any reviews because I don't want to risk reading any spoilers.

This is the new game by Tale of Tales, the indie game development studio that brought you The Endless Forest and The Graveyard. Neither of which I have really played. But I've been a follower of their blog for years now.

The Path looks poised to be their breakthrough game. It's been getting a surprising amount of critical attention. And it may be the first real example of the kind of game they've been talking about in their Realtime Art Manifesto.

"The Path isn’t much of a game. But whatever it is, it’s one hell of one of those." (Fidgit)

Try it out.


Krystian Majewski said...

Haven't bought it yet but I might. I'm eager to know your opinion.

axcho said...

I'll let you know soon. I've been really busy lately but I should have some more time to play this week. :)