Origami Hydralisk Tutorial Video and StarCraft II Released!

I just posted two slow, narrated tutorial videos for origami beginners - one for the zergling, and another for the hydralisk. Check them out. ;)

In case you haven't heard, StarCraft II is finally out! :D

Conveniently, Blizzard has been kind enough to time their release to coincide with the even more exciting release of my own epic, three-part TUTORIAL VIDEO for my original origami hydralisk design! ;)

A long-awaited release, most assuredly.

Rather than try to describe it to you, I'll just embed the videos right here on this blog and you can experience their amazing splendor firsthand. Just try not to let your head explode.


It's been three years since people first started bugging me with incessant demands for a tutorial video. But now I can rest in peace, because the tutorial video is complete! :D Or not, because now they're asking when I'll be posting the instructions for my origami zergling. Oops. :p

If you want to be the first to know when I post my zergling tutorial video, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel. :)

instructions coming 'soon'...