How to make an origami hydralisk

I finally created a video tutorial for my origami hydralisk! :D

Guess what? You know those old origami hydralisk instructions I released last year - the ones that no one except maybe one or two people could figure out? Well, I finally managed to finish the fancy photo instructions that my frustrated fans have been begging for! Yes! :D Time to rejoice, I expect.

It goes by the simple title of How to make an origami hydralisk. Try it! In this interactive Flash package, there are almost a hundred photos detailing each step, and each intermediate fold as well. Plus there are several photos you can look at of the finished model, and an animation using all the images, so you can see a half an hour of folding condensed into about half a minute. There's a lot of good stuff to find in there.

To quote from the about page:
I came up with this origami hydralisk model in 2003. Eventually, in the summer of 2006, I finished drawing the instructions for it. In late October, I posted them on dA, and found that sadly, no one could decipher them. Darn. It was then suggested to me, repeatedly, that I release a new version of the instructions using photos instead. I got around to doing so on July 8, 2007, ending up with over a hundred photos to process. Over the summer, I added origami symbols and put this fancy Flash thing together. Now, on September 8, 2007, I am finally through with it!

Actually, make that 2:40 am on September 9, 2007. This has been something of a late-night project for me. :p

Before I go to bed, I'd like to thank the impatient people on deviantART for their constant nagging! They gave me the motivation I needed to struggle through this epic endeavor. ;)