Space Isn't

Experimental Gameplay Project: ZOOM in May

Step 1. Inspiration
(from Less Talk More Rock)

brontosaurus wrote:


zoom in and out




brontosaurus wrote:

super nova

black holes


from this distant vantage point,
adrift in an ocean of space and time....

axcho wrote:

When I came to the word "dawn", the image of it brought a smile to my lips like the last line of a haiku. Thank you.

brontosaurus wrote:


axcho wrote:

axcho wrote:

Zoom into a star that you see.
Watch it get bigger, reveal itself to be a flaming ball of gas.
Pan to empty blackness.
Zoom into the blackness, more blackness, more...
Then a faint hint of something on the left, a speck, a smudge.
Center on it, zoom in, don't lose it...
See it resolve, grow brighter, more defined.
It is an entire galaxy.
Zoom out so it is again small.
Double-tap to name it.

This is like exploring a fractal.
This is like Jason Rohrer's Inside a Star-Filled Sky.
But without the shooting gameplay.
It is like Eric Svedang's Kometen.
But without the orbiting mechanic.
It is like The Scale of the Universe.

Is there a story? Characters to know?
Only the story of your fellow observers.
Read the names of stars, competing names.
Touch one to lend it your support.
You can name one star every day.
One name to add, like one cow to click.
A name grows with every click, until it is tweeted.
As your names are favored by your peers, you grow in influence.

Step 3. Rock