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Request by FullerGames:
  • what sort of game idea you're looking for
    I am looking for the flash game gold: Simple, addicting. Perhaps a chain reaction game, a puzzle game, or similar. A "free-time" game that wouldn't be as complex or time consuming to make.
  • what your goals are in making this game
    The feeling of lots of effect for little action is what had me in chain reaction. Players seem to enjoy those

The second idea: Tumblestack

The first idea: Collink

In short, the idea is a physics-based chain-reaction game, based on the lattice structures of World of Goo.

Each game starts out with a bunch of variously sized circles bouncing around the screen, like in Particles. When the player clicks on the screen, everything stops moving, and each circle forms two links - two springs - between itself and the two circles closest to it. As a result, the whole playing field gels into a lattice structure, just like you might see in World of Goo. You could play around with the number of links that form - maybe three would be better, or four. You could also experiment with letting the circles continue their velocity instead of stopping.

So as soon as the circles have formed this lattice, an explosion is created where the player clicked, destroying all links within a certain radius of the mouse cursor. Maybe it could impart a bit of velocity to the circles nearby, as well, in a sort of shockwave. Once these first few links are destroyed, gravity kicks in, starting a chain reaction. Whenever a circle collides with a link, the link is destroyed, causing more circles to fall and further collapsing the structure. Circles are never destroyed - instead, they collide with each other, and move freely if all their links have been broken. The player's goal is to destroy as many links as possible in a single click.

That's it. You'll need a decent physics engine for this, but it should be very easy to set up. :)

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