Active Sketch 01 - Invaders

An update! :D

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going indie.

And for my first project, I'm working with the artist brontosaurus to make a game showcasing his unique blend of pixel art and intriguing world design. In order to make the most effective use of his talents, we are trying to make developing a game as much as possible like doodling random pictures.

This means that we're creating little sketches in code, implementing one concept at a time in order to mix and match them into, hopefully, a cool game. We talk about our ideas, brontosaurus creates some concept art, and then I take the art and try to turn it into something procedural.

We're calling these procedural things Active Sketches, and I've just released my first one.

This is just a tool to generate a bunch of random space invaders, based on the invader fractal. It's amazing what the human brain will do with bilateral symmetry. :p

It's fun though. You can find some nice pixelated images quickly with this thing. Need help creating sprites for your new graphing calculator game? Just set the dimensions to 8x8 and click Generate until you find some that you like.

Next up - fractal invaders, colored invaders, procedural trees...

Ahh, trees.


Jordan Magnuson said...

Sweet.The idea of taking something beautiful and hand crafted, and trying to generate something similar procedurally really fascinates me... especially since I learned how Dwarf Fortress is developed.

Abraham Parangi said...

I like those trees a great deal. Also, hi, my name is Abraham. I noticed you link to my website and so I figured I would come say hello! I am a big fan of all things procedural so I hope to see what you create.

axcho said...

Thanks, Jordan Magnuson. I really like beautiful and handcrafted things as well as procedural things, and so does brontosaurus, so we're looking forward to finding a way to combine the two! ;)

Hello Abraham, thanks for stopping by from Cambrian Games! I really like your procedural stuff and I hope you do some more of it. And I hope I'll have some good stuff to show you soon. :)