Origami Hydralisk Instructions

I've just finished a narrated tutorial video in eight parts, for your folding pleasure. Step 11 is finally yours to master:

I've since created a better set of instructions, with photos of every step - and even in between. It's all compiled into a nice Flash package: How to make an origami hydralisk

new and improved...

I finally went ahead and posted the instructions for an origami Hydralisk I designed years ago. Here's a good picture of what a Hydralisk is supposed to look like. My origami model looks quite similar, if I may so myself.

The diagrams are all drawn in pencil, without a ruler or anything, so they are somewhat messy. You kind of have to be familiar with reading origami diagrams in order to understand them. At the least you should know the universal origami symbols and be able to make some simple models from memory, like the crane for example.

Anyway, it's pretty cool, and I finally finished! Yay! :D


BM/MG said...

Hey Im a youtuber, and i think that hydralisk is AMAZING! But...

My parents stupid filter blocks EVRYTHING except email, and youtube basically. In the link should be a diagram.... But could you... Post them on a different website...?

axcho said...

Hey, thanks for asking. I'm thinking of making a website for myself soon, and I could try putting the instructions up on there. I'm also thinking of making some video instructions sometime, which I can also post on YouTube.

I'll comment here again once it's ready. :)

axcho said...

Haha, it's ready! :D

How to make an origami hydralisk, the TUTORIAL VIDEO...

In three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Happy StarCraft II Day! :D