I'm back!

It's been almost a year since I started this blog. Now I am finally going to use it for something!

The reason for this sudden reappearance is that I'm nearing the final stages of my first full Flash game, Braids! I need a website to link to in order to take advantage of the tremendous popularity ;) that will no doubt surround the game, so I figured I might as well turn this blog into my central base on the Internet. I will post my thoughts and responses to various books and findings, as well as use this as a sort of development blog for my games.

I have already put links to most of my online identities on the side bar here, as well as linked back to this site in each of my profiles. I also intend to replace the links on the side with links that better reflect my current online identity and activities.

Thanks to all of my nonexistent fans! :D Hope to see more of you around here soon!

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