Game Idea Giveaway Resurrected

Remember The Game Idea Giveaway Thread from earlier this year? I'm about to start a new round of giveaways, in the hopes of filling all the remaining requests I missed on the first round.

So far, 13 developers have requested an idea.

There are 8 requests left to fill, with 15 ideas.

If each one takes 3 hours (an estimate based on my previous idea giveaways) that's a total of 45 hours I'll have to spend to fill all these requests. You better appreciate it! ;)

Status Summary
  • venomblood: Bubblebomb, Selexion
  • kcaz_rel: Monk Tactics, Paint Physics
  • Mini Chris: Swan Song, Bacon Frenzy
  • Oknavi: Drifter
  • Incrue: Pique
  • freelanceflashgames: Lava Land, Garden Chomp
  • TobiHeidi: Gridslime, Random Lulz
  • triqui: City Basher, Bonobeans
  • IvyGames: Randori, Salmon Song
  • FullerGames: Tumblestack, Collink
  • rudy_sudarto: City of Reeds
  • kokosan: Freetrace, Prejudice
  • Cam: Can Has Cake, Knives'n'Candy
Looking forward to getting this stuff done... Let's hope I don't get any more requests in the meantime! :p

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