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So... Dejeweled.

This is a project I've been involved in for a while now. It started way back in June of 2007 when I was still looking for game ideas featuring ragdoll physics. One forumgoer, then known as Exilement, presented to me the idea which would soon go by the name of Dejeweled. The next day, I created a forum thread to begin collecting more feedback and suggestions on this new concept. The response was unprecedented, unanimously positive, and the thread began filling up with praise, ideas, and impatient demands for a release date.

Nearly two years and over 800 posts later, the game is still without a release date. I had thought I could seriously get started at the beginning of 2008, but nothing much came of it. Now, 2009 has begun, Exilement is now known as Prospect, and I'm thinking there's a chance that I could actually make some progress on the project this year. Like, starting now.

So I've set up a blog, where I can post updates, concept art and prototypes for the satisfaction of the project's hopeful fans, disillusioned as they may be at the moment. I present to you the Dejeweled Development Blog. I've been working on some prototypes lately, so with any luck there will be some new stuff there pretty soon.

Oh, I haven't actually explained the idea yet. Here:

Dejeweled is a rather excessively violent game wherein the player is compelled to construct mechanical contraptions which contrive to cruelly kill, destroy, and slaughter innocent jewel-filled ragdolls in clever and amusing ways.

More questions? Read this. Let me know what you think! :)

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