Independent Games Festival

I'd heard of the Independent Games Festival before, but I didn't give much thought to it until today. I had never really entertained the possibility of myself being a contestant. But I came across the list of entrants, and was surprised to see so many familiar names. Plasma Pong? Ragdoll Masters? Even Stick Arena? They're fun games, but they're not epic. If they can enter, well so can I!

Unfortunately, I discovered that the main competition deadline was September 8th (which is presumably why the list of entrants was up in the first place). But there is also a student competition (free to enter!) with a November 10th deadline. Since I happen to be a student, that sounds like a good opportunity for me to potentially win $2,500 or at least get to attend the GDC for free.

So I have about two months to make a good game! I'll probably just submit Braids or make a special version of it. Though it would be cool to make a completely new game for the contest! :D

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